Tax – Business & Personal

Here at ASfB we’ll help ensure that your business and personal tax is managed in the most effective way.

Tax for businesses and personal tax can be complex and depends on many factors. Our Chartered Accountants will look at your business and personal affairs to make sure you’re not paying more tax than you need to and that everything is kept up to date.

Business Tax Planning – Tax Efficiency

The amount of tax you pay on business profits can be affected by many things and whether you are a sole trader or limited company.

We’ll review how your business and personal affairs are structured to help save tax wherever possible.

We’ll look at whether your business is operating tax efficiently and benefiting from all of the allowances and deductions you are entitled to.

Corporation Tax

We’ll make this easy by planning well ahead.

We believe the best approach is to plan well ahead and not wait to the deadline. We’ll agree a timeframe with you, then after the accounts have been approved we’ll submit to HMRC and Companies House in good time. You’ll then have until the deadline before you have to settle the tax that is due.

For more information, call us for an informal chat on 01202 755600.

Self Assessment Tax Return

If you are required to submit a Self Assessment Tax Return for the tax year ending 5th April it must be submitted to HMRC before the 31stJanuary of the following year.

If you receive income from several sources or your personal affairs are complex a Self Assessment can seem daunting. Let our Chartered Accountants look after this, saving time and making sure it’s done properly, on time.

Capital Gains Tax

Good planning can help reduce the liability for capital Gains Tax.

We’ll plan ahead with you and discuss your potential liability for Capital Gains Tax. We’ll provide you with the information you need to help you make decisions to reduce your liability.