Our Background - why we're different

Accounting Services for Business was formed because we knew there was a better way to deliver an accounting and bookkeeping service to businesses.

Our approach has been driven by the simple principle that to be successful in business you need to stick to the skills you have and focus entirely on the purpose of your business. Anything that is not directly part of your business purpose, or within your skills, is better outsourced.

And that’s especially true of day to day bookkeeping and accounting.

We'll reduce your costs and save your time

Unless you understand the principles of accounting, keep up with current legislation, and are competent to use accounting software (it’s never as easy as it says on the box…….) then you’ll save time and money by outsourcing to us. And you’ll sleep easy at night knowing you can focus on what you do best, while we do what we do best.

Our experience and understanding

Our management team has extensive direct experience of business ownership. We have run businesses ourselves as sole proprietors, partnerships and limited companies. And we have direct experience of being on the client side of accountancy and bookkeeping.

Consequently we bring a blend of understanding and depth of knowledge that enables us to offer far more than just accounting and payroll services.

We have experienced many of the challenges business owners need to deal with and can provide pragmatic and balanced guidance through sound experience where needed.

So, you’ll find we deliver more than you might expect.

We’ve been doing it successfully for almost 10 years now, and our clients like what we do. We’re confident you will too.

Accounting Services for Business is a member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Our Payroll Service is run in-house using industry leading software. All of our software is hosted in-house on our own servers and backed up automatically overnight. We do not use any on-line hosted software for our ‘mission critical’ operations.

Where We Work

Tayfield House
38, Poole Road
Dorset, BH4 9DW

  • Tel: 01202 755600
  • Fax: 01202 755744
  • Email: enquiries@asfb-uk.co.uk

Member of the Certified
Public Accountants
Association  (CPAA)

Additional Services

  • Budget planning & cashflows
  • VAT & Inland Revenue enquiries
  • Bank & investor financial reports
  • Property portfolio management
  • Representation at meetings with:
    • VAT
    • Inland Revenue
    • Local Authorities
    • Government Agencies
    • Banks

Business Sector Expertise

  • Building & construction
  • Charities
  • Conference & entertainment
  • Fast food
  • Hotels & hospitality
  • Housing associations
  • Legal & professional
  • Manufacturing
  • Property management
  • Rest homes
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Tradesmen